The Most Secret Regions Of The World

  What do you think the most carefully-guarded secret in the world is? If you guessed the secret to the Coca-Cola recipe, then you are correct. The recipe for Coca-Cola is stored in a special vault in Atlanta, Georgia. Visitors to the Coca-Cola vault can take a tour of a museum outside of the vault and even see the door of the vault. But, absolutely NO ONE is allowed inside the vault. The secret to the recipe for Coca-Cola has been kept for over 125 years, and it will likely continue to be kept. With the intense security that surrounds the vault and the design of the vault itself, there is very little likelihood that anyone will get into the vault. Your money in the bank vault is probably less secure than the Coca-Cola vault. How does that make you feel about the security of your bank? Coca-Cola's recipe is the secret to their success as a company, so they obviously do not want anyone to know the recipe. That is why they have the vault and the secrecy. At least they do offer visitors the opportunity to see the vault and tour the museum. But absolutely no one will see the inside of the vault.