The Most Secret Regions Of The World

  Fort Knox is probably the most protected place in the world. This is the Bullion Depository of the United States, where literal tons of precious metals are stored in the largest and most secure vault in the world. No one knows for sure the protections that encircle the vault. Some believe there are even land mines in place to keep intruders and would-be thieves out. It is known what the vault building itself is made of. There are 4,200 cubic yards of concrete in the vault, 16,000 cubic feet of granite, and 750 tons of reinforced steel. But what exactly is stored at Fort Knox? Well, for starters, it is not just precious metals. Although over 2% of the world's mined metals are stored here, there is a lot more that remains hidden from the rest of the world. This includes one of the copies of the Magna Carta and previously included the royal crown of Hungary during the Cold War. Despite speculation about what is and is not in Fort Knox and the Bullion Repository or thoughts about what is protecting that treasure, this place is still the most guarded vault in the world. No one knows for sure exactly what is inside, and no one can get in to find out.