The Problem Of The First Entry Of Electricity Into Iran

  Amin al-Zarb also asks him to write his contract and remits his money to one of the reputable merchants there, and in this way, he takes over the factory, and in this way, electricity enters Iran for the first time by Haj Hossein Agha Amin al-Zarb Isfahani. It was not long after the return of Amin al-Zarb and Muzaffaruddin Shah from Russia to Iran that Haj Amin al-Zarb's electric factory was built in Iran and opened and lit the streets of Lalezar, Saadi, Shahabad, and Chirag. Many people came to these streets to see the light, but among them, some believed that this light was part of (Satan's power). So they started cutting the wires and breaking the light bulbs and they didn't show the slightest desire to use it.