The Most Colorful Cities In The World

  If the gray of mid-winter has you feeling a little gloomy, we’ve got a solution: Let your imagination stray to the vibrant locales of far-off places. Nothing stokes wanderlust quite like a colorful photo, and some of the world’s most beautiful cities are awash in turquoise, lavender, golden yellows, and more. Whether it’s a street with every color of the rainbow or an entire town decked out in monochromatic blues or pinks, the colors of a place can leave a lasting imprint on our travel memories. It also makes trip photographs—here’s looking at you, Instagram—the envy of all your friends. We’ve rounded up the 25 most colorful cities and streets outside the United States with a special emphasis on unique spots you might not already know. Sure, we’ve included a few standard entries (Saint Basil’s Cathedral, for one), but there are plenty of sherbet-colored cities on this list that will hopefully inspire and leave you hungry for more. Travel never looked so good.