Singers’ Biography That Jalal Hemmati Sang About Them (Part 1)

  He became famous by singing the song "Rock Kurdi", but his fame was forgotten with the occurrence of the Islamic revolution until 12 years later, his first album, Party, became the best-selling product of the year for one of the Iranian record companies in Los Angeles. It is the same style that Jalal followed until the last days of his work abroad. Jalal Hemati was fully familiar with traditional Iranian musical instruments and most of his songs such as Dash Dash (Bayat Turk), Suri (Bayat Turk), Manarjanboon ( Se Gah), Mini Joop Khanum (Shor), Los Angeles (Bayat Turk), Uncle Vegetable Seller (Homayoun), Atish (Mahor), Atarbashi Jun (Dashti) and... were in the elements of traditional music and Iranian steps. that these songs were presented in a new and interesting style. He was the first singer to professionally present traditional rap, which is based on traditional music. According to his own words, Wafer's great interest in the charming voice made him re-read some of the works of Dehr. He had a special skill in re-reading the songs of female singers so that even the tones and writings of women were beautifully evident in his works.