1937 Bugatti 57SC sells for record $9.7 million

bug4 Eight decades on, it works brilliantly. It was a supercar in 1937, and it remains one. With its powerhouse – and, for the Thirties, visionary – supercharged V-8, the 57SC was capable of some 120 mph, which, pre-WWII, was an unheard of track speed. Old Ettore knew what he was doing back then.The Bugatti Type 57 and later variants (including the famous Atlantic and Atalante) was an entirely new design by Jean Bugatti, son of founder Ettore. Type 57s were built from 1934 through 1940, with a total of 710 examples produced.Most Type 57s used a twin-cam 3,257 cc engine based on that of the Type 49 but heavily modified by Jean Bugatti. Unlike thechain-drive twin-cam engines of the Type 50 and 51, the 57's engine used gears to transmit power from the crankshaft.