Celebrities who become more attractive with age!

Billy and Ted's The Amazing Adventure of Keanu Reeves made him a star, after which he starred in films that were not only bestsellers but also established a cultural cornerstone, such as Breakthrough and Speed. ». After that, The Matrix seemed to be at its peak in Hollywood, but it was not. "John Wake" movies are much more complex actions than "The Matrix" and sometimes use animals and fast cars in a creative way. He also directed the movie "Tai Chi Fighter", which is inspired by the life of his friend, Tiger Chen. Throughout this time, Reeves has been honest with himself and has not strayed from the world of Bill and Ted, so that he is going to play in the sequel of this movie in 2020 as well. Every time you see Reeves, he realizes that he has become more understood than before and does not take himself too seriously. In addition, his simplicity and respect for the privacy of individuals, especially women, have added to the popularity of this lovable actor.