The story of Reza Khan and the thief’s shroud

  A shroud is a cloth that should be used to cover the body of a Muslim before burial. Takfin, or the shroud of a Muslim man or woman, is obligatory. The wife's shroud is obligatory on the husband, but all the shrouds of other people are from the healthy property, and it is not obligatory on the one who is not obligatory, and according to the fatwa of the jurists, if the deceased does not have the size of the shroud, it can be paid from zakat. The shroud consists of three parts: Mezar or lenge should cover all around from the navel to the knees and it is better to reach from the chest to the feet. The shirt or shirt should cover the whole body from the shoulders to the middle of the legs, and it is better to reach the feet.Izar, or all-over, should cover the whole body from head to toe, and its width should be so wide that one side overlaps the other. It is better to be long enough to cover the head and feet of the dead. It is currently not permissible to shroud the dead body with usurped or impure cloth, as well as with pure silk cloth or cloth made from the wool or hair of a forbidden meat animal. Before or during takfin of the dead, some camphor should be rubbed on the seven points of the body that touch the ground during Sajdah. This work, which is called Hanut, is obligatory.