The Story Of Mani The Prophet

  Mani (born on April 14, 216 AD  - died on March 2, 274 AD), philosopher, poet, writer, doctor, and painter is the founder and messenger of Manichaeism. He was born to Iranian parents belonging to Parthian nobles near Tisophon, which was located in the province of Assyria, which was part of the Parthian Empire. He founded a religion that later had many followers in countries from China to Europe. Shapur I's brothers supported him and Shapur allowed him to preach his religion. But he was caught by the wrath of the Zoroastrian priests of the Sassanid court and was finally imprisoned and executed during the reign of Bahram I. Mani presented himself as the messenger of God like Buddha and Jesus, and to complete the teachings brought by his predecessors, he preached a new and universal religion that Like Christianity, it was open to people of any race and status.