The Incident Of Acid Attack On Dariush From Another Dimension

  One of the employees of Khorram Cabaret, where Dariush performs, and who was present next to San on the night of the incident, told our reporter that it was around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday that Dariush had just come to San and performed two songs, while he was busy performing the third. At this time, the woman who was sitting behind one of the tables in front of Sen got up and quickly moved towards Sen. Dariush closing his eyes with his usual habit when performing his songs. Batta was busy performing his song and that's why he didn't notice this woman's attack on him. At one point, we noticed that this woman threw a big glass with its contents at Dariush. Dariush shouted, "I'm burnt, I'm burnt" and the role was played by Cabaret. The attack of this woman and the time it took since this lady got up and went to the stage of the cabaret was so fast that none of us or the members of Dariush's orchestra could stop her. Dariush was wearing a black suit, and this caused him to reduce the severity of the acid's effect on his body. We took Dariush to the hospital with the cooperation of the orchestra members. Meanwhile, the woman who threw acid on Dariush was sitting on the floor of the cabaret.