Five Countries That Are Safer For Women

  After a long pandemic pause on travel, people aren't waiting around for a partner to get packing. The interest in solo travel continues to rise worldwide, especially among women. Research by Norwegian Cruise Line has found that one in three travelers prefers to travel solo, and older women, in particular, are driving the trend. According to internal research by the travel network Virtuoso, the greatest increase in solo travel in 2022 came from women aged 65 and older. While they accounted for only 4% of solo travelers in 2019, they made up 18% of solo travelers in 2022. Despite the growing trend in solo travel, women still encounter unique challenges when they venture abroad alone. While everywhere in the world should be safe for women to travel, the reality is that women still face discrimination and safety concerns in every part of the world. That said, many countries have put a concerted effort into both improving safety for women and measuring attitudes that female residents have towards safety in their country. To find the places making the most progress when it comes to safety and equality for women traveling, we consulted Georgetown University's Women's Peace And Security Index (WPS), the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap report, and the Institute for Economics and Peace Global Peace Index (PGP). We then talked to women who've traveled alone to top-ranking countries to understand what made them feel safe, hear their own travel tips and find out the best things to see and do as a solo adventurer.