A Look At All 15 Of Victoria Beckham’s Insane Engagement Rings

    It shouldn't surprise you to learn that Victoria Beckham leads a fairly extravagant life. Between her properties tucked away all around the world, her couture-filled closet, and her fleet of luxury cars, VB is in a class of her own. But maybe her most extravagant lifestyle indulgences are her 15 engagement rings. Yes, you read that correctly. No, we're not lying to you. Over the course of their nearly-20 20-year marriage, David Beckham—whose family name is worth an estimated $1 billion, oy vey—has gifted his wife with 15 different engagement rings as a token of his love. From the very first simple design to the range of rocks she wears now, Victoria Beckham has a veritable diamond carousel of engagement jewelry to pick from. It's not clear whether David always purchases them for her, or whether Victoria also chips in or buys them for herself, but once the ring is in the collection, she cycles through them with consistent regularity. To get a closer look at the diamond vault VB is working with these days, we did an in-depth investigation into all 15 engagement rings.