Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags In The World

#8 LV Tribute Patchwork Bag – $42,000

  patch Breaking from the usual trend and mold and blazing its own path, the LV Tribute Patchwork bag flaunts a radical look that is rare among high end designer handbags and purses. The design features several handbags patched into a single item    

#7 Leiber Precious Rose Bag – $92,000

  leiber Molded to take the shape of a rose in full bloom, this topnotch purse from Leiber is made of high quality materials, from the leather down to the metal clasps and sling. But its high value comes from the fact that it is practically covered in precious stones – 1,016 diamonds, 800 tourmalines and 1,196 pink sapphires to be exact.