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The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Whenever a new celebrity engagement is announced, or even hinted at, one of the first things we look for is the ring shot. (Or, if the couple is elusive enough, the blurry paparazzi closeup.) Why? Because one thing celebrities are known for is massive engagement rings. And while we know that huge diamonds aren’t necessarily indicative of a happy marriage ...

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The most expensive celebrity homes

Many of us would do just about anything to enjoy the lives of luxury the richest celebrities are fortunate enough to lead. Not only are they adored by millions of people all across the world, but they earn so much money they can afford the most amazing homes. Having a face that everyone else wants to see really pays off ...

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The Story of the Most Expensive Coffee

What are two things most of us absolutely need to do in the morning? Poop, and then get a cup of coffee to charge the body up for the long day ahead!!! You thought coffee makes you poop. But in some parts of the world, poop makes you coffee!

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