TikTok’s 10 biggest stars – and the millions they could lose


As the Biden administration considers a ban on TikTok, the livelihoods of top creators who have made up to $10 million from viral videos hang in the balance. These influencers, who have amassed millions of followers and substantial wealth, face the risk of losing their platforms and having to chart new career paths. The top TikToker makes $750,000 per video, has a net worth of $15 million and an astonishing 162 million followers - but this could be all gone within the next 12 months. That is because after years of pressure, a measure to outlaw the popular video-sharing app has finally won congressional approval and been signed into law by Biden. The measure gives Beijing-based parent company ByteDance nine months to sell the company - and if not, TikTok will be banned in the US. Here reveals the the top 10 TikTokers who risk losing everything - including the surprising number one.