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Woman Spent Over $4,000 to Marry HERSELF

  Woman, 30, reveals she spent more than $4,000 to marry HERSELF – and even stood in front of a MIRROR to say her vows. A woman has revealed she spent over $4,000 to marry herself and show the world how much she ‘loves’ herself.

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New York Bridal Fashion Week, 2022

“There is greater appreciation and dedication to making this special day momentous after so many cancellations,” said Stephanie White, the founder and creative director of bridal line Odylyne the Ceremony.

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The Titanic II will begin its voyage soon

Titanic II is a planned passenger ocean liner intended to be a functional modern-day replica of the Olympic-class RMS Titanic. The new ship is planned to have a gross tonnage (GT) of 56,000, while the original ship measured about 46,000 gross register tons (GRT).

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