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Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Adopted

Famous people you probably never knew were adopted. It seems like every other day we’re learning something new about our favorite stars, from their connections to royalty to the celeb roommates they kept quiet to their custom Barbies. And sometimes the most surprising facts come down to their roots.

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Celebs that hid scary cancer diagnoses

Secrets don’t always stay hidden in Tinseltown, even for something as private as cancer. By living such a public life, these stars are often forced to speak about their illnesses publicly or risk having them bandied about in the tabloids and rumor mills without their permission. But not all famous faces are at the mercy of others, and some have ...

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10 Famous People Who Were Once Homeless

When CNBC’s Jim Cramer was younger, a thief broke into his apartment and stole everything. Cramer had nothing left and with no place to stay, he was living out of his car. Cramer eventually saved enough money to get a new place. From there he launched a career as a hedge fund manager and a television host.

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