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The Best Iranian Female Bodybuilder

  An unnamed female bodybuilder was arrested on January 17 after she posted a “semi-nude” photograph of herself on Instagram and took part in competitions outside Iran. According to the Iranian judiciary’s news agency Mizan, she was jailed after she was unable to pay a bail amount of 200 million tomans, or a little less than $62,000. The case was handed over ...

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The Fattest People In The World

While most of us fret about an extra kilo or two once in a while, for some, their struggle with weight is in an entirely different league. For these people, they are talking about hundreds of kilos – and their battle is not just with the flab, it’s a life or death struggle.

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The Most Interesting Methods Of Wedding Proposal

Well, honestly you might be better not to follow these bizarre examples but sometimes the simple approach is even more nerve-wracking and us men aren’t the best at sharing our feelings. So what better way to avoid the awkward emotion of the occasion than by planning something downright weird? Here’s a collection of the oddest wedding proposals, do with them ...

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