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Women of the Israel Army

Israeli women play a vital role in the Israeli Armed Forces.All citizens are drafted at the age of 18, the guys are required to complete 3 years of service and the women 2 years.Women may be exempted if they are married, pregnant, or are mothers. A woman may also chose not to serve if she feels it conflicts with her ...

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Foodie ways to see Iran

Chelo Kabob in Tehran Succulent pieces of lamb or chicken kebabs cooked over charcoal and piled high onto mounds of buttery rice are one of the cornerstones of Iranian cuisine. Served with grilled tomatoes, strained yoghurt, fresh herbs and crunchy sour pickles, chelo kabob is found on practically every street corner and restaurant in Iran. For a high-end version, visit Shandiz restaurant ...

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French Hotel Chains Open in Iran

In a ceremony in Tehran, two hotels of Imam Khomeini International Airport were contracted to French group AccorHotels.In a ceremony in Tehran, in presence of French ambassador to Tehran, AccorHotels’ chief executive Sebastien Bazin and representatives of Iranian company Aria Ziggurat signed a contract according to it a 4 star hotel and a 5 star one in the vicinity of ...

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