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Celebrities Whose Unconventional Hygiene Habits Will Absolutely Surprise You

  We might think celebrities, who seem to “have it all,” practice personal hygiene and don’t go a day without showering. After all, we each have our unique habits and if it works for us, we shouldn’t change them just to conform to society’s beliefs. We found talented celebrities who shared their quirks when it comes to their own personal ...

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Celebrity Siblings Who Look Strikingly Similar to Each Other

Like many of us, celebrities have siblings who look similar to each other. Though not all siblings look alike, either due to a different parent or plastic surgery, or even just a strange combination of genes, there are many who look incredibly similar. Here are some of those celebrities with unbelievably similar-looking siblings:

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The Most Famous Actors Who Never Took An Acting Course

Not all great actors went to acting school. Charlize Theron wanted to be a ballet dancer, and got a movie role when she was noticed arguing with a bank teller. Joaquin Phoenix ended up in Tinseltown after performing on the street to support his family. And many more A-list actors like them became an important part of Hollywood because of ...

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