The most ridiculous things superstar musicians have demanded at their concerts


Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney has one of the longest and most successful careers in the music industry. While it is an honor for any television show to bag him for a performance or interview, preparing for his arrival on set must be something of a nightmare for those responsible for the preparations. McCartney was famously married to Linda McCartney who is probably one of the most famous vegans in the world. She even launched her own range of vegetarian foods and these are still sold even after her death. It is little wonder, therefore, that on the list is demands from Sir Paul McCartney is a ban on any type of furniture or product in his dressing room that is made of leather or animal print. He has even banned fake versions of these. His demands do not stop at animal free materials as he also requests that all lamps are halogen floor lamps with dimmer switches, 20 dozen clean towels outside the production office and a dry cleaner. McCartney is also specific about the flowers in the dressing room as he expects six leafy floor plants that are just as full at the top as the bottom but not trees, an arrangement of Casablanca lilies.