The most ridiculous things superstar musicians have demanded at their concerts



While the demands of many celebrities simply require someone working on set to pop out to the store to buy the requested assortment of drinks and snacks, Rihanna’s list of demands practically requires an interior designer to come and work on the set. For this famous singer, it is all about the atmosphere in the dressing and less about stuffing her face between performances. She requires a room that has at least five AC power outlets and that offers enough lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere. She asks that the room is piped and draped in dark blue drapes with icy blue chiffon draped attractively over the top. She also wants white drapes to cover lockers and bricks. The list of room demands does not stop there as she needs a large, plush, animal print rug and six candles of a specific variety. Rihanna also likes to have four small, clear vases filled with white flowers and no foliage. Her first choice is tulips, followed by lilies, and then white freesias.