The most ridiculous things superstar musicians have demanded at their concerts


Britney Spears

 If you thought British people were the only ones obsessed with the royals, you were wrong. It appears Britney Spears is a bit of a royal family worshiper. That would explain why she requested a framed photo of Princess Diana to be placed in her dressing room back in 2011 at her London 02 Arena show. But that wasn't the only she asked for bearing British roots. She also asked for fish and chips backstage and everybody knows it doesn't get more British than fish and chips. Still, she wasn't totally British. She also requested McDonald's cheeseburgers, minus the buns, on the same show. So clearly Britney Spears hasn't totally forgotten her American roots. This woman still has a weakness for burgers—particularly McDonald's cheeseburgers—and she isn't afraid to ask for them.