Famous celebrity got the first record of cosmetics surgery

Nicole Mary Kidman AC   actress and producer.She is the recipient of multiple awards, including an Academy Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and five Golden Globe Awards. She was listed among the highest-paid actresses in the world in 2006 and in 2018, Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

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What is the secret of the long life of the Monaco peoples?

Monaco  officially the Principality of Monaco is a sovereign city-state, country, and microstate on the French Riviera in Western Europe. France borders the country on three sides while the other side borders the Mediterranean Sea. Monaco is about 15 km from the state border with Italy.

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Amazing usage of salt!

Salt has great deodorizing effects, which makes it great for freshening up your smelly sneakers. Sprinkle some salt into your shoes at night, then brush it out in the morning.

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