Top 10 Most Expensive “Customized” Mobile Phones


Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB – $8 million 

When you come across a price tag of $8 million on one item, then your expectation of what that item can do has to be extremely high, right? Well, the Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB might disappoint you if you are looking for amazing features, applications, or hardware capabilities, but if you are looking for luxury, it will blow you away. This phone will perform your average tasks, but the number of diamonds and precious metals on it is what makes it such an amazing gadget. Can you imagine a phone with 500 diamonds of 100 carats each on its front, and 53 diamonds at its rear making up the Apple logo? Well, stop imagining and check out the above phone. Furthermore, you can have the navigation button on this phone to be the 7.4-carat pink diamond beautifully set in platinum, or an 8 carat single cut diamond, whichever you fancy.