Top 10 Most Expensive “Customized” Mobile Phones


Diamond Studded iPhone 6 – $2.5 Million 

The diamond studded iPhone 6 is best known as the “Amosu Call of Diamond iPhone 6,” and it is a breathtaking piece of communication technology that very few human beings would even consider purchasing. This phone’s body is covered with 18 carat gold, 6,127 VVS1 diamonds studded all over its body, and a 51.29 carat diamond cut to fit the size and shape of the Apple logo at the back. The great thing about this phone is that it actually looks like a phone that anyone would be happy to show off, make calls, and even take a few selfies with because it looks so much like the sleek and beautiful iPhones already in the market. However, its jaw dropping price tag of $2.5 million is enough to ensure that very few of its kind are in the market.