These Old Magazine Photos Reveal How Iranian Women Dressed Before Iran Revolution

maj4 Fashion and Music Fashion "Although Reza Shah’s son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, removed the ban on the chador when he became Shah, by then, dressing in western style was already the norm for both men and women and only a very limited number of women wore chadors. In fact, just before Islamic Revolution in the late 1970s, the clothing styles in the streets of Iran were very similar to that of Paris or London." -Naw Diana Htoo "Pro-western, modernist ruler, Reza Shah also encouraged Iranians to wear European clothes during the Pahlavi dynastyTake a look at what fashion in Iran was like before the Islamic Revolution of 1979. These old magazine photos show how women of that time enjoyed a modern, Western-oriented approach when it came to fashion. source : the women’s dress code in Iran is way more conservative than back in the ‘70s; now, they need to cover their hair, necks, and arms. Nevertheless, Iranian women are generally stylish and tend to choose colorful outfits.