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Chernobyl Vodka!!!

  More than 33 years after a radiation accident turned the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant into an exclusion zone, scientists have distilled the first consumer product to come from the abandoned area: an artisan vodka.

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Arak and Voda in Iran

Aragh Sagi (or Araq Sagi) literally means “Dog distillate” is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage in Iran which contains at least 65% pure ethanol. It is usually produced at homes from raisins.

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Most Expensive Vodkas in the World

10. Swarovski Studded Alize – $2,000 We begin our top 10 list with Swarovski Studded Alize, priced at $2.000. Created in the honor of Valentine’s Day in 2007 and promoted as the best present you could possibly make to your special friends, this bottle contains Rose Alize, which is a mixture of French Vodka, Cognac, strawberry, lychee, passion fruit and rose. Your taste buds ...

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