Deserts of Iran encompass all what is needed in an adventure tourism or desert tourism in an intact and beautiful nature. These deserts have been interestingly formed of diverse and colorful forms. Vast and white salt plains, golden dunes, and light green, yellow and red foothills create amazingly range of spectacular colors in the daylight for desert travelers. Breathtaking perspective of desert forms, such as wind erosion forms include intact desert areas, qanats , special flora and fauna, beautiful and full-of-star sky and etc., are part of the beauty of this region نشرهق     The Maranjab Desert is also close to Kashan. The town is surrounded by the desert on the north and east, and thus it has a typical climate of hot and dry in summer, cold and dry in winter, and very little rainfall during the year kavir2   kavir   kavirf
Desert tourism, especially for the inhabitants of European countries who are deprived from this natural biome, is considered as one highly attractive tourism fields. Unique perspective of deserts, which has been ornamented by quick dunes, flora and fauna, unique vision and peace, difficulty and intensity of climatic conditions and consequently much temperature difference between day and night, historical memories and adaptations of human life in desert during elapse of time, has made the desert one of the unique attractions of the nature and has resulted that the tourists would be interested in visiting desert and experiencing its climate. Even some of adventurous tourists have commenced adventurous travels for themselves by accepting many difficulties for passing from broad deserts and endurance of hard conditions of desert.