Spider car

234 The Co MECANROC is a Co of French origin, which develops, designs and produces innovative technologies and products, the latest innovation based on tilting technology, is presented under the brand SWINCAR. The very special patented tilt technology of this electric Spider , non-polluting, silent and with autonomy 4 hours, allowing many applications and is positioned as an axis of development and renewal in all leisure activities. It will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of walking in the mountains, in forests, in fields or along the beach enjoying the fresh air, the sound of the wind, waves or birds without noise or air pollution. ATbuggie1ATbuggie3 ATbuggie5 Imagine a mechanical spider wheels ... .. Kinematics allows the inclination when cornering, correcting slope and crosses the most extreme bridges. Its independent suspension given to each end electric motorized wheels, all guidelines. In turns the nacelle and the 4-wheel independent automatically tilt under the effect of centrifugal force without recourse to electronics. In the slopes, the car remains horizontal and vertical wheels. https://youtu.be/xW6bTE0XdWI