HOTTEST Plus Size Models who Prove Big is Beautiful


Lizzie Miller

In 2009, Lizzie Miller posed nude for Glamour and produced an editorial that had the entire women's fashion world abuzz. The untouched photos showed Lizzie posing for a story about feeling comfortable in your skin, and the responses to her normal looking belly flooded in to Glamour and started a miniature body image revolution that's going strong but still has a ways to go. Lizzie's found steady work since this now infamous photo that, according to Glamour, gave them pause at only using super skinny women.When a tiny insert photo of a nude, unretouched Lizzie Miller ran in Glamour’s September 2009 issue, so many positive comments started rolling in that the magazine vowed to feature more women of different shapes and sizes. At the time, Miller was neither a celebrity nor a professional model