Cristiano Ronaldo’s homes from a shared room in Madeira to the most attractive mansions in Madrid, Turin and Manchester

 خانه‌های کریستیانو رونالدو از اتاق اشتراکی در مادیرا تا جذاب‌ترین عمارت‌ها در مادرید، تورین و منچستر   This 3 million pound mansion, which was Ronaldo’s home for 3 years, was his first home in Manchester United, with 5 bedrooms and a large garden with attractive terraces that made this house more beautiful.

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Nine unique elements of traditional Iranian houses

نه عنصر منحصر بفرد خانه های سنتی ایرانی The beauty of traditional Iranian houses has no boundaries. The art, details and decorations used in these houses are a symbol of its authenticity. From the smallest details to the largest, they are all carefully and tastefully arranged together and Iranian architecture have created.

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