Rare footage of their Imperial Shahbanu Farah and Shah.

Farah Pahlavi (née Diba, 14 October 1938) is the widow of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the former Shahbanu (Empress) of Iran.Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi, Shahbanou of Iran was born in Tehran on October 14, 1938, the only child of Mr. Sohrab Diba and Farideh Diba Ghotbi .Following the death of her father in 1947, Farah Pahlavi was educated at the Italian School and later the Jeanne D’Arc School. She obtained her baccalaureate from the Lycee Razi, a secular Persian and French High School in Tehran.  
  On January 16, 1979, Empress Farah and the Shah left Iran for exile. Today she divides her time between France and the United States where her children and grandchildren live. She continues to work and speak out on behalf of her signature causes and is an enthusiastic supporter of Iranian artists and writers. She closely follows events back in Iran and is in daily contact with compatriots who write and express their support and friendship.