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10 Prime Locations for a Vacation Home

Owning a vacation home is a luxury some people can only dream about, given the high cost of real estate in many parts of the country. But not all markets are priced out of reach. In quite a few vacation destinations around the country, a home can be purchased for $325,000 or less — often far less. The property can ...

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Rent a Private Island for $57K/Night

Magician and illusionist David Copperfield bought this island in the Bahamas almost 10 years ago for around $50 million dollars to make it the “most magical vacation destination in the world”. After buying the island David Copperfield spent another $40 million dollars and five years of his time and remodeled the whole island.

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World’s Best Waterfront Cities

Giethoorn is a mostly car-free village in the northeastern Dutch province of Overijssel. It’s known for its boat-filled waterways, footpaths, bicycle trails and centuries-old thatched-roof houses

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