Never-before-seen photos of Angelina Jolie give an intimate look at the ‘rebellious’ and ‘anti-Beverly Hills’ teen who was obsessed with the ‘dark side’

The source, who provided the images and letters on condition anonymity, first met Angie when they both attended El Rodeo Middle School in Los Angeles, California. The pair became close, and the source described Angie as 'eccentric and beautiful' with an interest in the 'dark side.'

The source claimed that the young Angie was a wild child, drinking alcohol, taking acid and smoking weed in her early teens.

But Angie was always generous, they said, frequently lending friends money and giving to the homeless.

They said: 'She was always a wonderful person and we had a wonderful friendship. People don't realize that she was always charitable, wild but charitable. I hadn't seen her one time for six months and she gave me money.