Meet the 22-year-old woman who has travelled to every country in the world

Euronews: There’s still a lot of stigma around women travelling alone, especially from a safety perspective. But you did much of this journey alone, and so young. Was it ever something that worried you?


I travelled to around 50 or so countries by myself. So that was maybe seven or eight months on my own.

Just as a side note, I truly think it’s something every person, man and woman, should experience at some point in their life: solo travel. It teaches you how to be independent and navigate this crazy world alone. But it also makes you truly appreciate the time you get to spend with people, when you’re back home, or with your family and friends.

Taking the first step into solo travel doesn’t have to be huge. You don’t have to go to a completely different culture, with a completely different language, and try to figure it out. A neighbouring city, a closer country. Just somewhere that you can be with yourself and your thoughts.

You can ease into these things slowly and start learning how to navigate the world. But it teaches us how to be grateful: for the people we have in our lives, the experiences we have in our lives.