Tehran’s Top Confectioneries to Buy your Norooz Delights

Hans Bakery If you didn’t notice the sign on the green door, you’d mistake it for another home. From the kitchen comes the sound of banging pots and pans. The sweet smells of caramel, vanilla and cake lead the way. The claim to fame of Hans is the delicious sponge cake layered with vanilla cream and strawberries. To get your hands ...

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Some Imamzadeh with strange names

Imamzadeh Ein & Ghein An Imāmzādeh is a word found in both the Persian, Azerbaijani, and Urdulanguages, that refers to an immediate descendant of a Shi’i Imam.Imamzadeh means “offspring” or descendent of an imam. There are many other different ways of spelling this term.Some of these are imamzada, imamzadah, and emamzadah.These all have the same meanings. Imamzadeh are basically the ...

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The world’s top 15 countries to raise a family

Canada To rank the top countries to raise a family, InterNations asked expat parents to rate the country they moved to in terms of the quality, cost and availability of childcare and education.It’s likely that Austria topped the list because of its social system, which is very supportive of parents. Parents gave it the highest ranking for the availability of ...

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