Cafe Naderi

naderi Naderi café and hotel is the name of an old café in Tehran. Naderi café is located to the east of Hafez overpass along Naderi (the present-day Jomhouri-e Eslami) Avenue and is topped by a hotel. At the moment, Naderi café is run by grandchildren of Khachik Madikians, who are current owners of Naderi hotel and café. Although the existing environment at Naderi café is very simpler than many other restaurants and cafés, it is always full of customers. Many of them come to that nostalgic place to sit on one of the chairs, which had been once the seat of Iran’s cultural dignitaries, and take a short journey back in history.Old dishes, glasses with chipped edges, and plates with cracks in them are all part of the history of Naderi café which are still used to serve the customers.Nothing has changed inside the café: chairs, cups and even the cutlery are the old ones. Internal decoration of the café has not changed. The tablecloth is the same bony color which was 50 or 60 years ago.