10 Things No Woman Should Ever Wear to Work

CUTESY ANIMAL PATTERNS A little bit of leopard print can go a long way. But head-to-toe animalistic vibes are no good. Neither are those cutesy prints of #PugLife or the #GangstaKitty. While they may make everyone chuckle, that’s not exactly what your work wardrobe is supposed to provide. Stick to one accessory—think a blouse, scarf, or shoe—with a furry-friend pattern, ...

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80 years passed :Kashf-e-Hijab

On 8 January 1936, pro-western ruler Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran (Persia) issued a decree known as Kashf-e hijab (Unveiling) banning all Islamic veils (including headscarf and chador), an edict that was swiftly and forcefully implemented.The government also banned many types of male traditional clothing.

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Bahareh Rahnama as a Model!

By publishing photos of her on Instagram page, Bahareh Rahnama wrote: Please visit my  creative friend’s  winter collection,Ghazaleh Ghaffari, and her brand “SANDUS”

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