Truly Bizarre Services from Japan

Ear-Cleaning Parlor

Ear-cleaning-parlors-in-Japan To have someone clean your ear while relaxing is now possible with these ear-cleaning parlors in Japan. Yamamoto Mimikaki-ten, a company that has been in this business since 2006, offers to take care of your ear and spoil you with its healing environment in the parlor. It charges 2,700 yen (US$32) per basic service in every 30 minutes. The customer will be greeted by a young woman with kimono who serves him tea and makes small talk. After that, he woman put his head on her lap and covers his face with a handkerchief, ready to scrape his ear wax gently. Meanwhile, another ear cleaning parlor called Beatific, offers 70 minutes service which costs 8,400 yen (US$100). The latter’s services are more complicated than the former, which begins from washing your ear until gives massages to your ears, neck and shoulders. There are even ear-cleaning saloons that provide ear fortune telling and other additional features.