The world’s largest Iranian festival outside Iran

This biennial festival is the world's largest celebration of Iranian arts and culture. And they certainly have packed the weekend with talks, screenings, performances worth seeing. From an animated feature about a young Iranian-Chinese-Canadian poet starring Sandra Oh to Les Ballets Persans, there's a long line-up of events

Tirgan is more than just a festival. Tirgan is about building communities. By entertaining and educating its audience, Tirgan aims to promote a cross-cultural dialogue between the Iranian community and the global community at large, Iranian culture is about much more than strongman presidents and ayatollahs. This is what it looks like when Tehran takes Toronto.

The theme for the recent Tirgan Festival was Homeland, homeland is the anchor with which we settle in the diverse ocean of humanity, spanning  across history and nurturing our identity as human beings.


Iranian Bazaar: 24 vendors offering different products including Arts, Crafts, Books, Confectioneries, Jewelry, etc.