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Avroman Became A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Avroman or Hawraman, is a mountainous region located within the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah in western Iran and in north-eastern Kurdistan Region in Iraq. The main part of the Hawraman region is located in Iran and encompasses two components of the Central-Eastern Valley (Zhawaro and Takht, in Kurdistan Province); and the Western Valley (Lahon, in Kermanshah Province). The mode ...

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Famous UNESCO heritages of Iran

In the Elamite times Shushtar was known as Adamdun. In the Achaemenian times its name was ҆urkutir. The modern name,Shushtar, is connected with the name of another ancient city, Susa (or Shush, in Persian pronunciation), and means “greater (or better) than Shush.” During the Sassanian era, it was an island city on the Karun river and selected to become the ...

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