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10 Spending Habits of President Trump That Will Surprise You

Lawyer, oil executive, governor, actor, peanut farmer. While recent past presidents held many titles, none could boast the title of billionaire. In fact, Donald Trump is the only billionaire to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home. As America’s first billionaire president, Trump has received a great deal of attention regarding his spending habits.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s New York Apartment Cost Him $18.5 Million

The Cristiano Ronaldo-to-the MLS rumours are only going to intensify after this news. The Real Madrid star has splashed out big bucks for a prime piece of New York real estate. The New York Post reported, as per the Guardian, that: The Real Madrid forward has paid $18.5m for a 2,509 sq ft loft in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, ...

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