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Common misconceptions that threaten your health

Which part of the body is damaged? The respiratory tract, the blood vessels, the brain and, in the worst case, the esophagus. The main function of sneezing is to remove bacteria, viruses and particles of dust from the body. When you stop sneezing, you do not allow your body to remove them.Imagine what happens if you want to shoot with ...

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Top 10 benefits of running

1- Boost your immune system: Regular running builds up your tolerance to germs which results in fewer minor illnesses. That is unless you are training for a marathon. Then you will be sick all the time.

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10 antidepressant foods

1- Honey: Honey makes a suitable effect on the brain. Honey counters the low feelings of depression because of natural sugars contained in it. These sugars provide instant energy and stimulation to the brain and body thus shaking off this aspect of depression.

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