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The Most Dangerous BBQ In The World!

El Diablo Restaurant in Lanzarote, Spain. Here your food is cooked by a volcano! The architects who designed it, Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto, laid nine layers of basalt rock to insulate the restaurant over the volcano’s heat, according to Atlas Obscura.

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11 Worst Foods For Your Heart

 Worst Foods For Your Heart: Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.? Scary, we know! Kick out these ticker-harming foods from your diet to improve your health for years to come.

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Foodie ways to see Iran

Chelo Kabob in Tehran Succulent pieces of lamb or chicken kebabs cooked over charcoal and piled high onto mounds of buttery rice are one of the cornerstones of Iranian cuisine. Served with grilled tomatoes, strained yoghurt, fresh herbs and crunchy sour pickles, chelo kabob is found on practically every street corner and restaurant in Iran. For a high-end version, visit Shandiz restaurant ...

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