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10 Hard To Kill Houseplants That Will Thrive In Your Home

[Gard align=center] If you’re looking for easy-care, hard-to-kill houseplants, look for some of these characteristics: 1-Thrives in low-light or indirect light 2-Loves standard household humidity and temperature 3-Grows well in typical potting soil or succulent soil 4-Will survive periods of neglect [Gard align=center]

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Celebrities With Weird and Unusual Hobbies

  Sometimes we think our favorite celebrities only exist on this planet for our own amusement. In fact, many of them do have lives away from the limelight. When they’re not acting, singing, dancing or just being fabulously rich and famous, some of your favorite stars take part in some pretty interesting extracurricular activities. Here are some celebrity hobbies that ...

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