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Nasser Al-Din Shah’s Strange Habits !!!

The state under Naser al-Din was the recognized government of Iran but its authority was undermined by local tribal leaders. The religious and tribal chieftains held quite a bit of autonomy over their communities. Naser al-Din was not effective in implementing his sovereignty over his people. Local groups had their own militias and oftentimes did not obey laws passed by ...

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Rare Images of Childhood of Iranian Leaders

  The history of photography in Iran dates back to the reign of Nasser-al-Din Shah. The presentations of this era featured the traditional lifestyle of that time, and the illumination of that era for the historical studies of the nineteenth century has been documented by Iranian experts.

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Beautiful Iranian girls, Jews and Armenians in the Qajar Era

Antoine Sorokin called “Antoine Khan” Iranian-Georgian photographer in The time of Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar with his collection of photographs of people, places, customs, occupations, and especially Iranian ethnicities, while being one of the first Iranian photographers and in terms of artistic imagery Historically recorded, it has a special significance and credibility.

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