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The 10 Most Famous People From Ontario

Ontario is home to hundreds of notable artists, authors, athletes, musicians, intellectuals, and bonafide comedic superstars. After some internal debate – would they be just as likely to know this person in Paris? – we rounded up the biggest, 6ix-born household names. Here’s a short list of some of the most famous people from Ontario.

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Popular Menu Items At Tim Hortons Ranked From Worst To Best

Tim Hortons has been making some noise lately regarding many of its new menu items. It seems all at once, people are learning about the brand new food items in the newly opened stores in India, the new pizzas on the menu in select Canadian stores, and the many international food items we can’t get here. That got us thinking… ...

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10 Hard To Kill Houseplants That Will Thrive In Your Home

[Gard align=center] If you’re looking for easy-care, hard-to-kill houseplants, look for some of these characteristics: 1-Thrives in low-light or indirect light 2-Loves standard household humidity and temperature 3-Grows well in typical potting soil or succulent soil 4-Will survive periods of neglect [Gard align=center]

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