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Foods That Cause Tooth Yellow

Nobody wants yellow teeth if we can help it, right? But seeing as whitening treatments cost an arm and a leg, here’s a DIY (read: cheap) way to keep your pearly whites shining bright: avoid certain foods and drinks.

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The Jobs in Canada That Pay Over $200K

AIRLINE PILOT A highly experienced airline pilot can make over $200,000. The job can be stressful but also involves international travel. Required skills include good communication skills, being able to make good judgement calls and, of course, having a pilot’s licence. slice

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Most Creative Business Cards You’ve Ever Seen

Looking for an innovative business card for yourself? Check out these ingenious examples that are sure to leave a lasting impression.If cost is a concern, you can also create two sets – one conventional/economical and the other radical (in lesser quantity). Use the appropriate one depending on the type of client, budget, etc. Yoga trainer business cards.

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