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Celebs Who Unexpectedly Opened Up About Their Insecurities

  Everybody feels insecure, from ordinary people to famous icons. Not feeling good enough can make you feel anxious about everyday things, such as your goals and relationships with other people. Many will agree that insecurities are a part of our everyday lives, but it’s about how we overcome them that matters. It’s crucial to challenge your negative thoughts, accept ...

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The Weirdest and Priciest Gifts Celebs Gave Each Other

  When it comes to deciding what to give someone that already has everything, if you’re a celebrity, you’re going to give them something extravagant and outrageous. With friends (and lovers or ex-lovers) like these, nobody needs the lottery. The gifts that celebrities have given each other, and some of them are a little bit extra, even for the wealthiest ...

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Celebs who drastically changed their looks after becoming famous

  Fame changes people in a variety of ways, both physical and psychological. Some celebs forget where they came from, while others use their fortune to make changes to their lives and their looks. This crop of celebs changed their looks once they got famous, with a few of them actually grabbing more headlines (and thus, more fame) for transforming ...

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